Engagement rings and wedding bands with natural white diamonds. Crafted with tenderness. By Betsey Sook.

Welcome to Betsey Sook – Poetic Jewelry. We are a Danish high jewelry house with shipping worldwide. Our specialisation is new heritage diamond jewelry, created on a custom basis. We also have a couple of ready-to-ship items in our new shop.

For those rare and special moments in life, choose bespoke diamond jewelry from Betsey Sook.


- Sfumato Earrings w. 164 Cascading Diamonds.
- Heavenly Qi Earrings w. 156 brilliant-cut diamonds
- Engagement Rings with fancy cut– and brilliant cut diamonds.
- Da Vinci Diamond Engagement Ring with halo.
- Our Adagio Diamond Necklace with fancy cushion cut and pear cut diamond.
- Fancy cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band with diamonds.

If quality and purchase safety is important to you, we would advise you to buy from a diamantaire with first-class training. Betsey Sook is one of Scandinavia’s very few diamond experts with the diamond grader’s diploma from the world’s leading diamond laboratory: The Gemological Institute of America. Feel free to check your diamond expert’s credentials at the GIA’s Alumni Page.

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