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Heavenly Qi Rings w. 46 diamonds – Graceful Sculptural Perfection. Designed in Copenhagen.

Feminine beauty. Effortless and soft. That is the essence of Betsey Sook РPoetic Jewelry. Shapes are delicate, light and simple. Yet, everything sparkles with real diamonds, solid gold and the most amazing stones.

Betsey Sook РPoetic Jewelry adds a dash of pretty and playful to this world, but in a stylish, refined, luxurious way. Always beautiful. Never overdone.

Betsey Sook – Poetic Jewelry is designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, and shipped to customers all over the world. We use fair trade materials and strict ethical production methods.

Our jewellery can be worn every day, and it can last a lifetime – not only this season. Everything is handmade for this jewellery brand only, and you will get something unique that is not mass-produced.

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