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Bespoke wedding rings by Betsey Sook. Exclusive retailer of unique, artisan & ethical gems and purveyor of top quality diamonds.

NEWS: We closed our online shop to focus on one-on-one work with our clients. You can reach us via e-mail at And check out our heritage jewelry on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Effortless chic. That is the essence of Betsey Sook – Poetic Jewelry. Shapes are delicate, light and simple. Yet, everything sparkles with real diamonds, solid gold and the most amazing precious stones. Betsey Sook Jewelry adds a dash of pretty and playful to this world, but in a stylish, refined, luxurious way. Always beautiful. Never over-done. Betsey Sook – Poetic Jewelry is for day, evening and for life. Sumptuous little investment pieces that last forever and never go out of style.

Our fine jewelry caters to women who value classically elegant, yet distinctive pieces. And just as importantly: pieces that they won’t see on anyone else. We handcraft all of our fine jewelry one single piece at a time in a conscientious process.

For those rare and special moments in life, choose bespoke fine jewelry from Betsey Sook.


- Sfumato Earrings w. 164 Cascading Diamonds.
- Heavenly Qi Earrings w. 156 brilliant-cut diamonds
- Engagement Rings with fancy cut– and brilliant cut diamonds.
- Da Vinci Diamond Engagement Ring with halo.
- Our Adagio Diamond Necklace with fancy cushion cut and pear cut diamond.
- Fancy cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band with diamonds.

Betsey Sook is one of Scandinavia’s very few diamond experts with the diamond grader’s diploma from the world’s leading diamond laboratory: The Gemological Institute of America.

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