Contemplative heritage jewelry. One-of-a-kind commissions. Engagement rings and love pieces crafted with tenderness.

Poetic Jewelry has graced women of all ages and all sizes. Most clients are catered to via e-mail, and the precious packages have been shipped to a variety of countries such as France, Spain & Ibiza, Canada, America, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland, the UK., Belgium, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, even Barbados.

Betsey herself was born in the lush, green mountains of South Korea, child of a high-ranking general and a beautiful, young pianist. She holds a master’s degree in art history and studied the anatomy of beauty at the famed Courtauld Institute of Art, while living in Notting Hill, London. Her academic writings on art, design, cinema and aesthetics have been published by a number of established cultural institutions such as ARKEN – Museum of Modern Art, The National Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen University and Aarhus University.

She is also one of the few diamond graders in Scandinavia (there is about a handful) with credentials from the world’s leading diamond laboratory The Gemological Institute of America, also known as the GIA.

Betsey has travelled + 35 countries. In her spare time, she practices qi gong and ancient Chinese medicine, undulges in French interior decoration magazines, listens to a TedTalk on Youtube, and you will often find her in the kitchen, experimenting with a new organic food recipe.