Delicate, light & feminine… Betsey Sook designs fine jewelry with poetic beauty.

Beauty comes in all shapes and forms. And every woman – no matter her age, size, or color of her skin – should feel beautiful every single day.

Betsey Sook designs precious little jewelry pieces that celebrates feminine beauty, and give women that wonderful feeling of being really special. “I feel completely naked without my ring now” is a message, she often hears from her customers, and that’s her mission:

To make jewelry, that is not only beautiful and highly wearable, but also meaningful and long-lasting. Classic-contemporary at its best.

Poetic Jewelry has fans on Facebook from +45 countries worldwide. And the fact that so many different women wear Poetic Jewelry is very much in line with what Betsey’s brand stands for. That everybody deserves to feel loved, cherished and adorned in a way that only real diamonds and precious jewelry can make a woman feel.

Betsey has travelled + 35 countries. She holds a master’s degree in art history, and her take on art, design, cinema and aesthetics has been published by ARKEN – Museum of Modern Art, The National Danish Film Institute, Eurowoman, Copenhagen University and Politiken. Her artistic work has been seen in The Huffington Post, Bolig Magasinet, Bolig Liv, Elle Magazine, Alt for Damerne, Sirene, Tidens Bryllup and Au Clock Jewellery Magazine.

In her spare time, Betsey practices qi gong, meditates, and you will often find her in the kitchen, experimenting with a new organic food recipe.