Pretty diamond jewelry, designed with thought and care.

I am an art historian, certified Chinese medical practitioner, first generation jeweller & diamantaire from the Gemological Institute of America. My jewelry is designed for women who value classically elegant, yet distinctive pieces. And just as importantly: pieces that they won’t see on any one else.

I have a special affinity for the natural white diamond.

Why? Only the diamond is so hard, it can be cut to extreme precision. I need that level of accuracy in my designs, because my creative instinct oftens leads me to a place of reduction. I edit, edit, edit and edit, until only the core is left. And when every bit of noise is stripped away, you can not hide anything. It’s only great work, if the archetype stands strong in its pure form.

To me, the natural white brilliant cut diamond is condensed life force. Clean, precious, rare and enduring. The diamonds, I use, were formed millions of years before the Earth was even inhabitabe. I only work with diamonds of outstanding quality.

There is a reason why kings and emperors embellished themselves with diamond rocks, before going to war. They intuited that it was is a very powerful stone. Today, the ultimative symbol of true love and a treasured gift from Mother Nature.

I always feel that it is a great honour to be chosen to design the most important pieces of jewelry in a woman’s life. It is a task that I take very seriously, and you will always have my full attention and commitment.

Warm wishes

Betsey Sook