Founder of Betsey Sook. Born in South Korea. Living in Denmark. Working with clients from all over the world.

“True love is pure, simple, uncomplicated, unique. Just like a Betsey Sook piece.”

Betsey Sook is an art historian and precious metals designer, born in the lush green mountains in South Korea, now living in Denmark.

After a career in the contemporary art world, where Betsey handled priceless paintings and artefacts at museums and galleries, she founded her fine jewellery brand and quickly specialised in working one-on-one with clients over the Internet.

There was a growing market for people wanting pieces, uniquely created for them. Handcrafted, carefully tailored to the individual client’s measures and taste and with an attention to detail and finish, you simply don’t find in fast mainstream jewellery.

The Betsey Sook company decided to cater to this luxury niche market – and is proud to have helped customers get engaged and express love in a variety of countries around the world – including Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Haiti, Sweden, Norway, Canada, England and Bali.

Each and every one of us is special. And a woman’s dream jewellery deserves to be rare and special, too. Tenderly designed, crafted by hand.

The Betsey Sook atelier is the loft of a magnificent art deco building from 1920, surrounded by forests, lakes, even an ancient royal castle. Her urban office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.