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Being proposed to on a six week dream vacation to exotic Bali… That is just about every girl’s dream!

And it actually happened to our lucky lady, Aviaq, who flew a couple of thousand kilometres around the world to spend some well-deserved downtime with her boyfriend, Karsten, and their little baby boy.

What took her by storm was not only the breezy beaches, the mesmerising hotel lobbys and the array of colours, you only encounter, when you let yourself go and explore virgin tropical ground.

The biggest surprise – and the sweetest moment, she will never forget – was when Karsten fell on his knees in front of her.

Careful planning and patience can do wonderful things for a proposal. Karsten did his homework. Every little taken care of in secrecy in the months leading up to his big moment, and in the end, the Betsey Sook atelier could equip him with his girlfriend’s dream ring.

We adore this engagement photo, which the couple sent to us shortly after their holiday return. It is taken in Copenhagen, Islands Brygge.