When it comes to diamond quality control, we have an uncompromising process. It is our job to protect our clients, and we never take any chances or skip af procedure, when it comes to quality.

Our diamonds come with the following guarantee.

Betsey Sook diamonds are 100% natural, conflict-free, and thoroughly double-checked and tested with state of the art technology, before they leave our atelier.

They are guaranteed free from undesirable qualities such as:

- fracture filling and clarity enhancements (infusions with silicone or glass-like substances that bleach and mask undesireable characteristics such as large inclusions)
- surface coatings (thin layers of plastic or synthetics that colour the surface)
- colour treatments (enhancing the diamond’s colour and making it seem whiter than it actually is, or colouring a fractured, heavily included diamond and selling it as a “black diamond”, or synthetically colour a diamond and selling it as a “blue diamond”,  ”pink diamond” etc.)
- improper weight ratio (the diamond looks unacceptably small for its carat weight)
- hazy, oily or milky surfaces due to strong flourescence, poor cut quality, or large inclusions
- radioactivity (this is usually only a concern with vintage diamonds these days)
- inbuilt fragilites and durability problems such as knife-edge girdles or unacceptable large cavities, feathers, knots etc.

Diamonds are extremely hard, tough and stable, but they are not unbreakable, and they can chip, if you are unfortunate. The risk, however, is substantially minimized, if the diamond is of great quality to begin with and it hasn’t been treated (enhancements make the diamond fragile in a variety of ways.)

Standard diamonds testers can not consistently tell the difference between diamonds and simulants such as moissanites, and it requires expensive and top heavy laboratory equipment to detect today’s colour enhancements and treatments.

You need a highly trained diamond expert to double-check everything for you.

The Betsey Sook atelier runs these advanced laboratory tests independently – and on top – of the purchase security, our customers get from the accompanying diamond certificate, which is issued for our diamonds of 0.5 carat and above.

This is to ensure the quality ourselves and that the diamond and the certificate always match.