It is always a pleasure to source diamonds for our clients for bespoke jewellery pieces. They can relax and leave the sourcing and selection to us, it is part of our service.

We are specialised in exceptional diamonds in curated fancy-cut shapes (oval, pear, cushion, marquise, radiant, emerald), rare diamond cuts such as old mine-cut diamonds and old European-cut diamonds as well as the most classical diamond: the round brilliant-cut diamond.

The Betsey Sook atelier believes in quality over quantity, and that every woman has her own ideal diamond carat size.

If clients want to know a little more about our diamond selection processes, the reads below offer a glimpse into our diamond world and the standards, we adhere to, when working with diamonds of 0.5 carat or above.

We do not expect our customers to be diamond experts, just like you do not have to be a sommelier to buy great wine.

The below information is mostly for the “curious client”, who wants to go behind the scenes and already has an interest in the subject.

The Betsey Sook Standard: Quality-Control
The Betsey Sook Standard: The 4 C’s
The Betsey Sook Standard: Conflict-Free Diamonds