Everybody can sell you a diamond. Only a highly trained diamond expert can give you access to the finest.


It is our absolute privilege to source and select only the most stunning diamonds for our clients. At Betsey Sook, clients do not need to have prior knowledge about diamonds, just as you do not have to be a sommelier to enjoy great wine. We cater to clients, who seek premium quality. There is a reason why kings and emperors embellished themselves with diamond rocks, before going to war. They sensed that it was is a very powerful stone. Today, the ultimative symbol of true love and a treasured gift from Mother Nature.

We have an advanced security system in place to thoroughly check the quality of each individual diamond. To the best of our knowledge, all our diamonds are natural, unheated, untreated, uncoloured and ethically sourced.


Here, you can see examples of the calibre of diamond, we can procure.
– 0.50 carat fancy heart diamond, GIA-certified
1.01 carat fancy oval “D” diamond. GIA-certified.
– 0.93 hexagonal fancy cut diamond, “D” colour. GIA-certified.

– 1.00 carat round brilliant, IF, triple excellent cut, GIA-certified.
2.01 carat fancy square emerald cut diamond, VVS1 clarity.
0.46 carat cushion cut green (natural colour) diamond. GIA-certified.


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