The Graduate Diamonds Diploma from Gemological Institute of America is your guarantee of the highest level of diamond knowledge.

“Everything in this World is ephemeral. Except for diamonds. Some of them are more than 3.5 billion years old. After they are formed under tremendous heat and pressure, they rest in the Earth’s crust for another several million years. Then, they are pushed to the surface by violent, volcanic ruptures. Only the toughest, most enduring diamonds survive the dramatic journey. Natural diamonds are a piece of Eternity, and so is your love. Let your precious diamond be handled with excellence”.

It is our absolute privilege to source and select only the most stunning diamonds for our clients. At Betsey Sook, clients do not need to have prior knowledge about diamonds, just as you do not have to be a sommelier to enjoy great wine.

At Betsey Sook, we cater to clients, who seek premium quality.

We can provide classical round diamonds as well as a palette of fancy cuts such as oval, marquise, cushion, princess, radiant, emerald, and pear cut diamonds.

We have full access to the world’s leading diamond exchange, where more than 800,000 diamonds are listed for sale every day. Trusted diamond contacts in Antwerp, the USA and Switzerland are also on hand to join the hunt when we are seeking the perfect diamond for a client.

At Betsey Sook, we have an advanced security system in place to thoroughly check the quality of each individual diamond. To the best of our knowledge, all our diamonds are natural, unheated, untreated, uncoloured and ethically sourced.