This Norwegian couple stole our hearts. Veronica and Kjetil got married a bright summer’s day on a romantic beach in Norway. Flowy hair, bare feet, beautiful flowers in a personal colour palette and the Audrey Shimmer Diamond Ring used as a unique wedding band. As Veronica told us, she prefers supporting the independent arts and crafts and also likes the concept of getting something unique.

It was so much fun working with this couple – because as we were mailing back and forth with Veronica regarding her wedding ring, Kjetil was secretly planning his morning gift to Veronica with us as well.

We shipped the Audrey Shimmer Diamond Ring and the Aspyn Shimmer Diamond Necklace seperately and to two different addresses in Norway to make sure, Veronica wouldn’t suspect anything!

Congratulations, it was a pleasure working with both of you, and thank you for sharing this lovely photo with all of us.